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  1. Visitors can pass on the question to the topic from one of the articles on your blog and if you can answer these questions then your visitors will feel happy because the question answered and probably visitors will often visit your blog.
  2. Visitors can also give criticism and suggestions which are not directly will make you develop a blog in order to be better again for convenience of visitors.
  3. The help does not contain elements of SARA, pornography, fraud and spaming.
  4. Advertising materials created by advertisers.
  5. Any content advertising is the responsibility of the advertiser, Admin Info Entry is not responsible if there is a problem in the future with creative.
  6. Turn the image banner ads can only be done once a month (not including the URL)
  7. Aid depends (could also need funding or 100% free).
  8. Please contact Admin via Facebook, Email, SMS and or WA if you want to continue the talks.
  9. These terms and conditions may be changed in the future.
  10. Please put a comment, if you feel confusion.
  11. Can the top Reporting Copyright
email: mister[dot]aktiv@gmail[dot]com

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